In many ways I’m just as normal as the next guy.  I am a dedicated husband (30 years this May!), good father, dog lover, homeowner, diligent coworker, US Army combat veteran, church attender, amateur gardener, Sudoku solver and now Internet blogger.

But I’ve also done a few rare things that make me quite unique.  I have:

  • Seen Bob Hope, Red Skelton and Chuck Berry all perform live.
  • Lived in Manila, Philippines as a Christian missionary
  • Been certified as a Lean Six Sigma black belt
  • Served as Lay Director of a Walk to Emmaus weekend retreat
  • Drove into Iraq with the 82nd Airborne Division to liberate Kuwait
  • Lettered in Track & Field at Indiana University
  • Been unemployed twice for more than 5 months each
  • Lived in Dublin, Ireland and got my license to drive on the left side of the road
  • Commanded the 1438th Light-Medium Truck Company of the Indiana Army National Guard
  • Ran my first mini-marathon at age 53 in 2:13:41
  • Have read the Bible from cover to cover three times
  • Am a published author (The Worship Leader’s Toolkit, Crosslink Publishing 2012)
  • Was present when both of my wonderful children prayed to receive Christ as their Savior

I suppose we all have a laundry list of things that, when put together, make us quite unique.  No one item on my list is worthy of a novel, yet it is a list filled with a variety of life experiences and achievements that give you a peek into what makes me tick.

I hope you enjoy this site and the blogs I post here.  They’re never meant to irritate, vent or sway your opinion.  They’re just my unique observations on the world, each born from a fertile farm of a mind that loves random thoughts.


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